Wednesday, August 17, 2011

As a blind baby

Sometimes, when I am in the mood for reminiscing and remembering, I like to ask my mom what it was like for me as a blind baby. Now that my dad is no longer around, he passed on over 23 years ago, she is the only source of reference for me so here goes.

Mom tells me that she knew right away after I was born that something was wrong with my eyes. She was right and she and my dad did everything that they could to help me. First, they managed to get an eye surgeon to operate on me at six months to save my right eye. Then when I was just four, Dad sent me to England along with my mom, granny, and two brothers Jeff and Robert to seek further treatment for my eye. Unfortunately, nothing more could be done at that time.

Mom tells me and my aunts have confirmed this, that I used to amuse myself by taking my heel and banging it against the bars of my crib and then I would burst out laughing. Granny used to hang a balloon over my crib and I would follow it with my vision. At that time, my vision was very limited.

My older brother Robert told Mom that she should adopt a baby sister to keep me company when he found out that I was blind. My twin brother Jeffrey was always very protective and he and I were constant playmates. I had cousins as well who were constantly around me.

I was told that I loved music, loved to play on my own and was never afraid to play with others. I loved company but I also loved to be by myself at times.

So, in every aspect, I was just another baby growing up in a mainstream family except that I was blind.

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  1. I want to share with you just a comment regarding your post about when you were a baby smile.
    I tried to read this post once before in fact, I believe that it was the day that this was posted; and we had the East Coast earthquake. I live in Delaware, and we as usual haven't gotten earthquakes such as the one that hit us.

    I really loved this post. I was born three months early, and weighed 1lb. 12oz. It really made me stop and reflect on what little memories I have been told.

    Thank you for sharing and please know, that there are blind people in the world who appreciate your blogs smile..