Thursday, June 16, 2011

The challenge with facial expressions

For the most part, I depend on one’s voice to help me determine and decipher expressions. For those who do not have enough sight to read facial expressions, it is the only method for us to use. When I had enough vision, I could read some body language but now that is gone, I have to depend solely on the inflections in one’s voice to help me out.

The reading of body language and facial expressions is so important when it comes to communicating and you can add how so many use their eyes to express themselves and you have the picture. Blind persons for the most part are unable to use their eyes to express themselves but they can certainly use facial expressions and body language to do so.

I refer to this whole thing as a one way communication path. For whereas I can use my face and body to express myself, I am unable to read the return expressions. Just another challenge to deal with.

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