Friday, April 8, 2011

The TV interview

A few months ago, I had my very first TV interview with a blind TV interviewer. Was it any different from the ones that I have had with sighted TV interviewers? In some ways, yes.

Firstly, my blind interviewer could not really give me any tips on my makeup or whether or not I was sitting in the right spot or being positioned correctly. Instead, she had to depend on others to tell her whether or not her makeup was good and so on.

In the normal scheme of things, a sighted interviewer would probably pass on some visual tips and cues to the interviewee but for a blind interviewer it is a bit different. Upon reflection, I feel that it must be a challenge for a blind interviewer. The field is very competitive and they have a lot to contend with. Nevertheless, my blind interviewer was just terrific.

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