Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Skating without vision

Over the Christmas holidays I decided to resume my ice skating, and boy o boy! What an experience for me. When I first learned to ice skate, I had enough functional vision to see where I was going. I could see in front of me and beside me. I could see most of the rink, make out the blue and red lines, and I could see when people were coming at me. Especially the little kids hurtling towards me.

This has all changed! Now I have to depend on sound. I have to listen more carefully for the scraping of approaching blades and the air stirring around me as skaters rush by. It’s a different way for me as I skate around now and in addition, I have to take the arm of the one who is skating with me. Still, I do love my ice skating and nothing can ever change the feeling of exhilaration whenever I step onto the ice.

The smell of the ice, the coolness of the rink, the sounds of kids laughing, and music blasting out of speakers. I can no longer see the flashing lights or can I see what others are wearing but that’s okay! I have my memories to help me enjoy! Ah yes! Ice skating! My passion, my joy!

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