Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Remembering by shape

This is yet another technique that I use in order to remember.  I use shapes to help me remember.  If I feel the shape of a plate, it helps me to remember the various colors of food.  If I feel the shape of a cup, then I can remember the color of tea or coffee and the same holds for when I feel the shape of a glass.  Colors of various liquids come flooding back into my mind.


It does not mean to say that I go around feeling the shapes of everything.  I can do it in my house without attracting the attention of anyone and I can do it in a store when I examine objects that I am interested in.  Sometimes, I sit quietly and trace shapes of things with a pencil.  I may not be able to see what I have traced but for sure, it helps me to remember. 


A shape is worth a thousand pictures to me; just like saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Maybe it is why I love to do paper craft.  I can fold paper to create boats, planes, fans, hats, and mats.  Picture frames, rockets, flappers, bags, and more.


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