Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The blind dare devil

Well, I've finally admitted it to others; it's what my friends used to call me and I don't think that I am unique when it comes to this.  I hear so many other stories of blind folks being dare devils.


I can only speak for myself but for me, it was and continues to be something that I enjoy.  Of course, there are so many sighted dare devils around but when it comes to a blind dare devil!  The difference here is that much of the sighted world is often surprised when they hear our stories.  I guess that they do not think that blind folks would do scary things but that's okay.  It never hurts to shock others from time to time. 


So, what do I remember doing when I was growing up that shocked my peers?  I used to take delight in running through the hallways when I was in school and this often gave my sighted teachers a heart attack.  I would jump off the top step and land safely some 10 steps down and this shocked my peers.  My sister-in-law Gayle who attended high school with me reminded me of this not too long ago.  Then I used to jump tall snow banks in Montreal while I was at university and race across busy streets; something that often shocked my professors.


One of my favorite memories was that of walking across the top of a car while it was standing in a traffic line and waiting for the light to turn green!  What a hoot!  Then how about the day I jumped from the top of my friend's deck and down into her swimming pool!  Pure bliss!  About 20 feet from top to bottom!


Ah, but that was all then and this is now!  Would I try these things again?  Not too sure.  When you are blind and can't see around you, you really do not know what dangers could lie ahead.  You're really not scared by visual cues because you can't see them.  So you are left to perceive what you think is there but most times you are really not on the right track.


I'm Donna J. Jodhan your friendly accessibility advocate wishing you a terrific day and inviting you to go out there and share my stories with others. 


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