Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trusting the One Who Helps Me

This circumstance applies most of all whenever I go grocery shopping; I have to place my trust totally in the one who helps me.  Yes, I usually take my shopping list with me.  I type it up on the computer, print it, and take it to the grocery with me.  However, when I give it to the customer service attendant who walks around with me, here is where I have to trust in them.


Most of the time I come home with what I have asked for but every now and then something falls through the cracks.  That's to be expected; I can't always expect the helpful customer service attendant to get me exactly what I have asked for.  It may be that sometimes they have either misread my request or that they are in such a hurry to get it done that they choose the incorrect item.  Sometimes like everything else they fail to find it and with a good heart they substitute something else which they feel may be sufficient for me or something that I would not mind having. 


I may for example ask for a certain brand of grape juice and if they do not find the specific brand then they would substitute another brand without telling me.  Or, I may ask for a beef pie and when they don't find it then they would substitute a chicken pie.  As long as they tell me what they have done then I am fine but the problem comes when they do not tell me and then I only discover it when I get home and days later I go to use the item in question and realize to my chagrin that I did not come home with my preferred item.


I have to place my total trust in anyone who helps me in the grocery, the pharmacy, the chain store, and in the electronic store.  There is no getting around this so I have to deal with it as best as I can. 


I'm Donna J. Jodhan your friendly accessibility advocate wishing you a terrific day and encouraging you to go out there and tell others why blind persons need to trust the ones who help them.  Visit to learn more.

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